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September 13, 2023

Steven Crowder REVEALS Youtubes FORCED Re-Education Program & It’s Hilarious!

TheQuartering [9/12/2023]

According to TheObserver:

Steven Crowder, the conservative comedian (we’re using the latter term very lightly), has made a comfortable living trying to shock the libs and feed red meat to his base in videos that purposely play up racial stereotypes and use sexist comments as “comedy.” A new video featuring Crowder has surfaced, however, and it may not be funny even to some of his biggest fans and dwindling supporters.

The host of the right-wing talk show Louder With Crowder, which is based in Dallas, found internet fame with his “Change My Mind” videos, in which he’d debate college students over arguments such as “There are only two genders” and “Male privilege is a myth.” Crowder announced on Tuesday that his wife, Hilary,  filed for divorce some time ago. Then on Thursday, journalist Yashar Ali released a video recorded from a Ring camera in 2021 on his Substack account showing Crowder arguing with his then-pregnant wife at their home.

Ali obtained the footage from “multiple sources, none of whom would speak to me unless they were granted anonymity,” he wrote on Substack, along with text messages and audio files from conversations between Steven and Hilary.

Hilary Crowder’s family said in a statement that the video is just one instance from years of Steven Crowder’s abusive mental and emotional behavior that she tried to keep hidden from her friends and family. They also said that Steven Crowder initiated divorce proceedings, contradicting a video statement he made on his various channels announcing his divorce.

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