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April 26, 2023

Steven Crowder SUED By Candace Owens In HUGE Mess Between The Daily Wire & Louder With Crowder

TheQuartering [4/26/2023]

According to Forbes:

Right-wing culture warriors Candace Owens and Steven Crowder are in the midst of a bitter feud, sparked by a video in which Crowder announced that his wife was divorcing him, implying that Owens had crossed a line by publicly hinting at his marriage troubles.

Crowder is a high-profile content creator on “anti-woke” YouTube, who has repeatedly sparked backlash for his controversial comedy sketches, and has been accused of homophobia, racism and misogyny, which often results in YouTube demonetizing his content on the platform.

Crowder is widely known for the meme template “Change my Mind,” a often-edited screenshot of Crowder ready to debate university students.

Like Owens, Crowder identifies as a conservative Christian; the two content creators seem ideologically aligned, but began feuding back in January, after Crowder turned down a $50 million deal to join the Daily Wire, which he described as a “slave contract.”

Crowder went on to accuse the company of engaging in “big tech censorship” in a video which sparked an intense feud with Ben Shapiro, co-founder of the Daily Wire.

Owens, who is employed by the Daily Wire, denounced Crowder’s video as “a total bitch move,” and inserted herself into the feud by releasing a video where she repeatedly hints that she knows of something embarrassing in Crowder’s personal life, stating that “his actions are a symptom of something much larger … Steven has a lot going on, I guess is the best way to say it.”

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