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August 30, 2021

Teacher FORCES Students To Pledge Allegiance To Pride Flag

TheQuartering [8/30/2021]

She hates the American flag and says it makes her “uncomfortable.”

According to LouderWithCrowder:

There is a movement to put cameras on all teachers. It might be easier to mandate they all need TikTok accounts. When left to their own druthers, they seem to enjoy exposing themselves. The latest example is this California teacher. Yes, California. I know how shocking you must find that.

The alleged “educator” said the American flag made her feel uncomfortable. So she packed it away. But she left the Pride flag up so her students still had a flag they could pledge their allegiance to. She then, while knowing what she did was wrong and could get her in trouble, bragged about doing so on TikTok. Because somehow in 2021 there are still people who don’t know how the internet works.

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