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December 15, 2021

This Doctor Is The New Jussie Smollett & He Is Getting DEMOLISHED

TheQuartering [12/14/2021]

According to TheBiz:

A black New Jersey physician made a claim of racial profiling last week that seemed so far-fetched that many accused him of lying, with some critics going as far as to label him the “new Jussie Smollett.”

Dr. Tyree Winters, a pediatric doctor whose Twitter profile contains his “gender pronouns” and lists him as a “social justice warrior” and supporter of “BLM,” made the claim in a Twitter post published Thursday afternoon.

“*Walking down the hallway when stopped by someone* ‘Excuse me, you’re housekeeping, right?’ I replied, ‘no, but I can try to help you if you need something’ *The person looks down at my badge* ‘Oh you’re a doctor!?!?!? Sorry, you looked like the custodial staff,’” the post reads.

The problem critics have with his claim is that in no way, shape or form was he dressed like housekeeping.

Running with his assertion, he was dressed, at best, like a doorman at an upscale hotel.

And the fact that he had a giant “doctor” badge hanging from his lanyard made his claim seem even more implausible.

This isn’t to say that Dr. Winters was lying. However, given both the contradicting facts and also his support for Black Lives Matter — a movement rooted in the blatant lie that black criminal suspects are being unjustifiably gunned down by the police — critics were hard-pressed to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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