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March 3, 2022

This Is NOT Okay! YouTube DELETES Channel After Coward Brendan Schaub Cries About Getting Clowned

TheQuartering [3/3/2022]

According to CalfKicker:

Brendan Schaub has had the most interesting career trajectory. Notwithstanding his meteoric rise in popularity and exposure in the last few years, Schaub’s star has fallen drastically in recent months. Once the host of two Showtime podcasts, he is now struggling to make ends meet on his newly founded network ‘Thiccc Boy‘. On this youtube housed network, Schaub currently features podcasts from various supporting characters in the “TFATK universe” (his original podcast) in addition to hosting a reboot of Joe Rogan’s fight companion podcast titled “Calabasas Fight Companion” (Joe Rogan is not involved). The only ‘redeeming’ factor for his network in terms of numbers is the said fight companion. And this is mostly due to Schaub’s heavy reliance on cancelled comedian Chris D’elia to prop up his numbers. Prior to getting cancelled over snapchats and DMs sent to various minors – D’elia had a burgeoning acting career in addition to his own youtube channel (581k subscriptions).

But the community of those who do not like Schaub – just keeps growing. A subreddit dedicated to his oldest venture, the podcast “thefighterandthekid“, has more than doubled its size since June of 2020. Filled with MMA fans and those just interested in the podcast, it’s mostly dedicated to posting various gaffes Schaub makes day in and out of podcasting.

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