This Movie Cost Netflix 9 BILLION In 1 Day! Thousands Cancel Subscriptions!

TheQuartering [9/14/2020]

Was it worth it Netflix? 9 Billion Dollars in a single day to do what exactly? That’s One Expensive “Documentary” Private Internet Access – they’re #1 and they’ve specially discounted to $2.59 a month on the 2 Years subscription + 3 months FREE:…

According to FOX News:

Netflix investors may be tuning out after the controversial french film ‘Cuties’ has ignited a #CancelNetflix campaign on social media.

Shares fell on Monday, despite a broad market rally, following a report that the streaming service may be losing subscribers.

TickerSecurityLastChangeChange %
NFLXNETFLIX INC.476.26-5.77-1.20%

YipitData, a global research firm, told FOX Business that Netflix’s churn, or the amount of customers who choose not to renew their subscription, began to substantially increase following the film’s release.

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