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March 2, 2022

Tim Pool SWATTING Gets Much Worse! We’re Closing In On The Culprit!

TheQuartering [3/2/2022]

According to Dexerto:

YouTuber ‘The Quartering’ is putting up a massive $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or group responsible for a series of swattings involving podcast host Tim Pool.

2022 has been a crazy year so far, but for Timcast host Tim Pool, it’s been a dangerous one, to say the least.

So far, Pool has had to deal with five separate swatting incidents with armed police showing up to his studio and now even his own personal home.

With the dangers appearing to escalate, fellow YouTuber TheQuartering is stepping up to help his friend by putting some money on the line in hopes of finding whoever is responsible.

The podcast host was first swatted back in January, as police were called to his studio after reports of an active shooter on the property.

On January 18, he was swatted once again with Pool even claiming the second time was “worse” than the previous, though he didn’t give many details due to a possible security risk.

In the weeks that followed, the podcast was hit multiple times with the incidents escalating to new levels on March 1 when both the studio and Pool’s personal home were targeted.

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