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January 25, 2022

Toxic Male Fights Off Bear To Save Dog & Feminists Can’t Handle It

TheQuartering [1/24/2022]

According to LouderWithCrowder:

Consider this a palate cleanser. To get the bad taste of Joe Biden’s presidency out of your mouth and replace it with multiple beers over the weekend. This Florida man I’m sure has gotten into the hooch. It’s also surprising how many stories we have of humans saving their dogs by fighting off bears. By how many, this is the second one. Last time, we were in California. Today we travel to the free state of DeSantisVille.

When a bear came chasing a man’s dogs into the porch, this man didn’t think twice. (h/t The Whiskey Riff)

“Oh. My. GOD! I just got attacked by a f*cking bear.”

What makes the video isn’t the heroism, though. It’s how exciting our man here was about it. The dude just fights off a bear. He’s lucky he’s alive and that the bear didn’t come back for round two or try a ninja-like sneak attack. Instead, he was all like “check this sh*t out,” as he told everyone in the house.

Plus, let’s be honest with ourselves, in a lot of instances, dogs are better than people. They are smarter than people. They stand up to authoritarian regimes. The least we as humans can do is protect them from bears.

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