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May 8, 2023

Trans Starbucks Barista Goes BALLISTIC On Customer & Gets FIRED Over Misgendering

TheQuartering [5/8/2023]

According to MRCTV:

I’m sorry, folks. I know I’m supposed to be “tolerant” and “accepting” of anything and everything trans people do, but I’m just not. You have to earn that level of respect, and I don’t respect people who lash out violently every single time something — verbally or physically — doesn’t go their way. It’s time to grow up, trans “community.”

We’ve been given yet another example of the tolerance of trans people with a video that shows a trans Starbucks barista — I’m guessing in the U.K. — verbally abusing a customer for allegedly misgendering him. He’s a trans woman, so the correct gender pronouns here are he and him.

If that wasn’t enough, the trans employee then proceeded to see a man recording the incident on his phone — presumably who was with the woman — charged him and then took a swipe at the phone in the form of an open palm strike.

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