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May 12, 2022

Tub eGirls Get WRECKED By Twitch! Massive Ban Waves As Garden Tools VERY MAD!!!

TheQuartering [5/12/2022]

According to Dextero:

Twitch hot tub streamers ‘SpookyUnagi’ and ‘SpoopyKitt’ are accusing the Amazon-owned platform of banning them for ‘unjustified’ reasons following consecutive bans in a week.

Bikini and hot tub streams have long been a controversial subject on Twitch. Originally part of the ‘Just Chatting’ category, bikini streams ended up getting their own category in the form of ‘Pools, Hot Tubs & Beaches’ after months of debate back in 2021.

Now, amid a series of bans on the site relating to bikini content, some streamers are under the impression that Twitch is trying to get rid of those streams from the site as a whole.

In May, streamers SpoopyKitt and SpookyUnagi were hit with bans on the platform despite claiming that their content hadn’t changed. In a series of posts, the two hit out at Twitch, calling their suspensions “unjustified.”

Following her second ban in a week, Unagi explained how she was completely in the dark and had no idea what she had been doing to violate the site’s rules.

“So this doesn’t happen for the 3rd time in a week. Please let me know what I am doing wrong,” she said, tagging Twitch. “I am doing NOTHING different than what I have been doing for a year.”

“If Twitch wants to remove bikini streaming, then do it. It’s their company and their prerogative,” she added. “But the category still exists. Clearer guidance needs to be posted.”

“Twitch allows creators to build a career and a life producing content they have allowed for a year. Independent contractors working essentially ‘for’ Twitch purchase houses, cars, assets, leverage income for investments,” she said in another thread. “And they threaten to take it all away with unjustified bans.”

Streamer SpoopyKitt echoed her friend’s sentiment, commenting, “[I’ve been] hula hoop dancing in the hot tub for a year so I don’t know why it would be considered ‘sexually suggestive’ all of a sudden.”

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