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September 18, 2022

Um…What The Heck Is This Teacher??? Why Is The School DOUBLING Down It’s Support?

TheQuartering [9/18/2022]

According to BlogTO:

Video footage and photos of a Toronto-area high school teacher are blowing up online today, sparking a raucous debate about what educators should and shouldn’t wear to work.

It appears as though many social media users first became aware of the teacher in question (and, more specifically, the sizeable prosthetic bust she wears,) when an American radio host tweeted a series of images said to have been captured at Oakville Trafalgar High School.

In the clips, we see a woman with long blonde hair wearing what appear to be bicycle shorts with various incredibly tight tops — tight on account of the fact that the teacher’s breasts appear to be at least twice the size of her head. Each.

Way-too-concerned Twitter users began sleuthing out who this mysterious, chesty shop class teacher might be, and eventually determined that the instructor in question is a tech teacher.

The teacher is reported to be a transgender individual who previously went by a different name.

In some photos shared by students on Snapchat and later recirculated by adults on Twitter, the teacher’s name can be seen written on the blackboard as “Ms. Lemieux.”

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