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March 3, 2022

Unhinged The Batman Fans THREATEN Reviewer For GOOD Review! (The Truth About These “Fans”)

TheQuartering [3/3/2022]

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Twitter users expressed their outrage and their desire to want YouTuber Ryan Kinel cancelled following a clip of his review of The Batman began circulating on the social media platform.

Twitter user ZakReckless took to Twitter where he wrote, “Saw a The Batman review that said he didn’t like that there were more good black people than whites. I’m stunned.”

The quote is clearly taken out of context and in his full review, Kinel begins the segment discussing his complaints about the film, specifically involving identity politics.

He begins it saying, “A couple other complaints that I have and they have a little bit to do with identity politics. There was one line that was in this movie that really threw me out of it. It was when Catwoman basically is saying they only care about themselves — these white privileged people.”

“You didn’t need to use the word white, you could have just said privilege and that would have basically done the job. But they said white privileged people. It was very distinct, very much stood out. It bothered me and it took me out of it. It’s not something that needed to be done, but they threw it in there. I think it was way too on the nose. Didn’t like it,” he added.

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