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December 22, 2021

We’ve Gone Too Far! New SJW Ghost Hunting Show Fights The Patriarchy!

TheQuartering [12/21/2021]

According to NDTV:

A video from Demi Lovato’s documentary series Unidentified With Demi Lovato claims to show that the popular singer-songwriter has had an interaction with a ghost, named Carmen, who tells Demi Lovato about “trauma” caused by men. Well, it doesn’t end here. Later, the American star helps Carmen heal with a song. As weird as it sounds, the ghost liked Demi Lovato’s performance and even offered a “standing ovation”.

The video shows Demi Lovato in a room, as her colleagues, Matthew Scott and Chris Smith, a paranormal investigator, stand by the door It was shot during their visit to the Vulture City, in Arizona, United States, where the trio set up an EMF device, according to Ladbible. The singer talks to the spirit, known as Carmen, who communicates with them through the device with a buzzer sound. 

“Have you seen anything like ETs here, or UFOs? Star people,” Demi Lovato asks Carmen. The device lets off a sound. 

As the two men leave the room, Demi asks the ghost: “Did you not want to say anything else because the boys were in here?” 

The device buzzes and Demi continues: “I think – Oh, I get that a lot. She has trauma. That’s why she doesn’t like men. I have trauma, too, so I feel you and I get it.”

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