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March 15, 2022

White House TikTok Influencers Are Going To Get People Hurt!

TheQuartering [3/15/2022]

According to TheDailyWire:

Young “influencers” are coloring their tongues blue as they inform their audiences of the benefits of methylene blue, which is often used to clean fish tanks. In response, some doctors are either issuing warnings that ingesting the substance imperils one’s health or mocking the idea of ingesting the substance.

As The New York Post reports, Washington-state based podcaster Ben Greenfield, American endurance runner Jordan Hasay, and makeup artist Luba Cohen have all extolled the virtues of ingesting the substance.

Greenfield told his audience that methylene blue was one of his “favorite nootropics due to its wide-ranging benefits that include: enhanced mitochondrial function, provides neuroprotective effects against brain inflammation, increased memory and cognitive function, enhance the effects of light and oxygen therapies, and much more.”

Hasay wrote, “It can help to improve focus, endurance and sleep. I like using @troscriptions ‘Just Blue’ product before my hard workouts. Check out @troscriptions for more info and you can use code JordanBlue for a discount!”

Cohen echoed, “MB has been very important for me while recovering from being sick. There is a few brands on the market but my absolutes favorite is @troscriptions it comes in small lozenge. You place it between your cheek and gums and let it dissolve.”

But Australian Dr. Darren Saunders tweeted, “I have just discovered the trend of fitness influencers sticking methylene blue on their tongue as a ‘metabolic or cognitive enhancer,’ and I can’t stop laughing. OMG, of course it also ‘slows down your chain of aging’ — whatever the hell that is.”

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