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May 2, 2023

Woke Dating App BANNING Lesbian Women For Not Dating Trans Biological Men! This Is Insane!

TheQuartering [5/2/2023]

According to NBC:

The founder of popular queer dating app HER said transgender and nonbinary lesbians are welcome on the platform.

A popular lesbian dating app has one message for users who don’t want transgender people on the platform: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

HER, a global dating and network platform for lesbians and other queer people looking for love and friendship, sent a mass notification to its users on Wednesday: “A Message for Transphobes: Time to delete HER,” it said, in part.

“We have a very big thriving lesbian community on HER, and so we want to make that message really clear,” Robyn Exton, who founded the platform in 2015, told NBC News on Friday. “All lesbians are welcome and celebrated on HER — trans lesbians, nonbinary lesbians.”

Exton, who said the app has 20 million users globally, 12.5% of which identify as transgender or nonbinary, said she and her colleagues at HER are determined to push back against the narrative that lesbian identity is “owned by cis[gender] lesbians,” meaning lesbians who do not identify as transgender. 

“We are cis women, and we just fundamentally do not agree with that,” she said.

In honor of Lesbian Visibility Day on Wednesday, the HER team published a blog post titled: “This Lesbian Visibility Day, We Are Reclaiming ‘Lesbian.’” The post, which was written by Exton, expresses support for trans and nonbinary lesbians and pushes back against those who don’t.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘real lesbian.’ But being a genuinely lousy human? Oh, that’s a thing. Join us in honoring trans and non-binary lesbians today and forever,” the post said.

Following the publication of the post, HER’s Twitter account received a tidal wave of backlash from those who disagreed with it. The HER Twitter account pushed back, and, shortly after the heated exchanges, Twitter temporarily suspended the HER account.

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