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April 3, 2022

Woke Halo TV Series Already Getting Desperate? Embarrassingly Low Numbers!

TheQuartering [4/2/2022]

According to BoundingIntoComics:

The first episode of Paramount’s television adaptation of Halo just touched down, and the problems are more prolific than anyone could have possibly imagined. For casual sci-fi fans, this might cut it (barely), but for longtime fans of the video game franchise, it’s an abomination featuring all the usual suspects that ruin modern adaptations.

“Contact” begins with a sprawling reveal of an insurrectionist camp on the planet Madrigal, where Covenant forces are busy excavating a dig site in search of ancient technology, which appears to be Forerunner. Their forces launch a brutal and bloody assault on the nearby outpost, which introduces audiences to the character Kwan Ha, who ends up as the only survivor.

Admittedly, the action sequence is superb, pulling no punches, while mixing excellent pacing with sweeping camera angles, excellent sonic cues, and a ton of excitement. Watching Sangheili Elites slaughter humans is a pretty cool experience, albeit disturbing. Children’s limbs are blown off, and adults die a variety of horrible deaths, all without feeling overly exploitative.

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