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August 1, 2023

Woke Mark Hamill DESTROYED Over HILARIOUS Call To Boycott Twitter

TheQuartering [8/1/2023]

According to BoundingIntoComics:

While most users have found themselves understandably frustrated with Elon Musk’s handling of Twitter/X, Star Wars star Mark Hamill has unsurprisingly made a performance out of his outrage by calling on users to protest the site’s new ownership by refraining from using any of its services for an entire day.

The idea to use a day-long, site-wide ‘user blackout’ to send a message of dissatisfaction to Musk was first raised on July 25th, courtesy of @MzSgtPepper.

“I am proposing that August 1st be a ‘Tweet Out’ day where blue voters take the day off from tweeting,” declared the user. “Think of the revenue lost for Twitter – X if we did that. Best way to affect change with a billionaire is to hit them in the wallet. RT if you are with me.”

@MzSgtPepper would eventually ‘formalize’ this campaign on July 29th, announcing to their followers, “Elon tweets about users & tweets making him money. His advertisers need us. Elon needs us. Let’s show him how much. Take August 1st off from Twitter. Send the message that blue voters are a force to be reckoned with.”

Later that same day, Hamill would officially take note of the proposed ‘Tweet Out’, responding to @MzSgtPepper’s rallying cry of “It would really be awesome if #August1stTweetOutDay was trending!!” by authoring his own post featuring the hashtag.

On July 30th, the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep voice actor would double down on his support for the campaign, retweeting @MzSgtPepper’s original post and explaining, “This will only be effective if EVERYONE refrains from tweeting (X-ing?) on August 1st a/k/a #TweetlessTuesday.”

“Let’s show the owner the POWER OF THE PEOPLE,” he wrote. “Honestly, would it kill you to keep your thoughts to yourself for 1 damn day? Read a book! #August1stTweetOutDay”.

The morning before the supposed protest was set to take place, Hamill would remind his followers that “TOMORROW is #August1stTweetOutDay”.

Having found his way into being the face of @MzSgtPepper’s original event, the actor invited his followers to “Join me, @MzSgtPepper & the WHOLE WORLD in NOT tweeting for 24 hrs.”

“I won’t dignify accusations that this is a political statement when it is, in fact, simply an experimental STUNT because I’m bored & wanna see what happens,” he then claimed, ultimately signing off his tweet with a use of the “#TweetlessTuesday” hashtag.

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