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October 18, 2021

Wokest TV Show Ever CANCELLED During First Season! All Female Cast & Crew FAIL! Y: The Last Man

TheQuartering [10/18/2021]

Oh, no. NO, NO, NO.

According to BleedingFool:

FX — the network behind the Emmy-winning series Handmaid’s Tale, which depicts a society where women are forced into a sex slavery caste system — has released a trailer for its latest drama airing on Hulu, Y: The Last Man, which, according to actress Amber Tamblyn, imagines “a world without cisgender men.”

The abortion activist and cast member on the series, celebrated the FX project, tweeting “Hold onto your husbands — We’re about to bring you into a world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A world without cisgender men.”

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