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September 21, 2021

YouTube BANNING Hunting & Fishing Content? What The Heck Is Even Happening!

TheQuartering [9/21/2021]

YouTube doesn’t want you to know anything about guns.

According to AmericanHunter:

YouTube’s executives are still willing to, for the time being, mostly look the other way as they make money off hunters posting and watching videos on their online video-sharing platform. Guns and hunting are, however, unescapably linked and YouTube has banned videos that market firearms and those that show how to do many common repairs and upgrades to guns. These political restrictions have been used by YouTube’s parent company, Alphabet Inc. (which is Google), to ban or demonetize a lot of legal gun content on YouTube.

Hunting shows and channels that post content on YouTube—shows that mostly live on sponsorships from companies that make firearms and related products—now have to navigate these vague censorship rules set by Alphabet Inc. leadership, people who mostly march to the beat of the progressive left’s dogma.

YouTube’s treatment of gun companies recently made national headlines when it tossed Brownells Inc.’s channel, the gun-parts supply company known for its excellent videos on how to maintain, operate and repair firearms, off its site. YouTube did quickly reinstate Brownells’ channel, but only after pushback from Brownells’ many fans lit up social media and began to appear in national media outlets.

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