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March 27, 2023

YouTube Kids DANGEROUS New Trend! Parents BEWARE This Will Get Worse!

TheQuartering [3/27/2023]

According to DailyMail:

A Tennessee mother has warned other parents to monitor YouTube Kids after her a ‘shocking’ Thomas the Tank Engine video came up on her two-year-old son’s screen.

Hannah Bishop, a makeup artist, has issued a stark warning after she found her son Brody, two, watching a seemingly innocent Thomas the Tank Engine video on the platform that quickly turned demonic. 

A happy-go-lucky Thomas can be seen singing: ‘I’m gonna chug, I’m gonna choo’ as he glides down the tracks. 

Many parents might have thought the next line would be: ‘I’ve got a delivery to do’ as it goes in the original I’m Gonna Chug Song, which is posted to the show’s verified YouTube account. 

However, the video Brody watched, which was posted by the Thomas & Friends parody account DieselD199, takes a different turn, singing in a deep, scary voice: ‘I’m gonna kill the lot of you.’

The moment ‘shocked’ Bishop when she ‘saw this video pop up while my two-year-old was watching.’ 

‘I don’t even have words for this,’ the mother-of-one wrote on TikTok. ‘Needless to say, we are looking for a different subscription for Brody to watch.’ 

The comment section was divided, as many thought the clip was funny and said they wouldn’t mind their child watching it, while others agreed with Bishop, saying YouTube Kids has a reputation for this. 

‘Ugh, YouTube Kids is so frustrating! Sorry mama, that is so scary!’ one user wrote. 

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