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May 24, 2023

A Backfire WORSE Than Target & Bud Light For New Woke Company Ad! The North Face Gets CRUSHED For Ad

TheQuartering [5/24/2023]

According to TheNYPost:

The North Face created a stir when it announced its “Summer of Pride” outdoor events series with a video on social media starring drag queen Pattie Gonia, who encourages viewers to “come out.”

The ad opens with Gonia, dressed in all-rainbow North Face gear and donning a full mustachioed face of multicolored makeup, saying: “Hi, it’s me, Pattie Gonia, a real-life homosexual.”

He continued: “I’m here with The North Face. We are here to invite you to come out … in nature with us!”

The tour, dubbed “Summer of Pride,” invites North Face fans to gather outdoors for hikes “to celebrate Pride and bring camp to the outdoors,” the tour’s landing page says.

“This tour has everything: hiking, community, art, lesbians, lesbians making art,” Gonia says in the promo video.

North Face has also dropped its 2023 Pride collection, which boasts a selection of rainbow-clad clothes for children, including a T-shirt that says “outdoors together.”

The collection’s landing page boasts the line’s slogan: “We roar. We heal. We become. Mother Nature guides us to where we need to be — and we dress to honor her,” and shows tots modeling the themed apparel.

The rainbow motif is also printed on adults’ tees, hoodies, jackets, shoes, hats, and more on offer for up to $165.

The North Face didn’t immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

North Face said its second yearly Pride event includes plans to “gay sashay across the nation,” with events slated in Portland, Ore., Denver, Colo., Columbus, Ohio, San Francisco, Calif., plus two new cities this year — Salt Lake City and Atlanta.

“Atlanta G-A…Y? because you’re there,” Gonia says in the ad while strutting across an open field.

The tour’s Salt Lake City stop on July 8 is already sold out. Registration is still open for Atlanta’s event, scheduled for Sept. 16.

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