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January 20, 2021

A Dark Day For YouTube: The Onision Banning Is MORE Than Meets The Eye

TheQuartering [1/20/2021]

While it’s hard to argue in defense of the man, it’s really easy to see what happened here.

According to Distractafy:

The internet is like an elephant — it never forgets. That’s a fact that is hitting YouTuber Gregory Jackson, widely known as Onision, right in the pockets. Since the beginning of his career on the Internet more than a decade ago, Onision has racked up followers and sexual abuse allegations alike, ultimately becoming notorious in the YouTube community.

While Patreon, which Onision says makes up most of his yearly income, has banned the media personality from the platform, Onision was still able to monetize content on OnlyFans and YouTube. So, why exactly is Onision leaving the platform that gave him his massive start, YouTube?

Last year, a number of women made allegations of sexual abuse and harassment against Onision, leading To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen to investigate and ultimately develop interviews with Onision’s victims on his YouTube channel, Have a Seat With Chris Hansen.

As allegations of abuse surfaced and became more severe, the YouTuber has faced immense criticism that he says has caused the dissolution of both his marriage and his lifestyle as he knew it. According to recent videos posted by Onision, the backlash of his current controversy has forced him to step away from his life online altogether and apply for work at McDonald’s.

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