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February 18, 2021

A MASSIVE Win For Gina Carano & Haters MELTDOWN & Embarrassment For The Mandalorian & Lucasfilm

TheQuartering [2/18/2021]

If only there were some sort of saying about striking people down from a space western… I can’t remember.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

YouTuber Nerdrotic took to Twitter and YouTube to call out British website The Independent and their writer Annabel Nugent for publishing a lie about Gina Carano.

Nugent, in her article titled, “Gina Carano says she found out about her exit from The Mandalorian through social media ‘like everyone else’ claims that Carano called for a boycott against Dinsey and their Disney+ streaming service.

The writer stated, “Following the news, fans of Carano called for a boycott of Disney’s streaming service using the hashtag #CancelDisneyPlus. However, the request was largely mocked online.”

YouTuber Nerdrotic posted to Twitter, “This is a lie, are you going to retract it? Annabel Nugent. For your information it was a YouTuber that called for it. Not Gina. #WeLoveGinaCarano #CancelDisneyPlus.

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