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December 21, 2020

A PATHETIC New Low For Twitch! Streamer BARES ALL & Gets Only 3 Day Ban JustAMinx Vs MissBehavin

TheQuartering [12/21/2020]

Twitch has gone absurdly over the line with this one! JustAMinx Vs MissBehavin!

According to RepublicWorld:

MissBehavin has been banned from Twitch for three days. The Twitch streamer was suspended by the video streaming service for objectionable content on the stream. While it is not clear, it is suspected that the stream was actually intended for her OnlyFans account. However, she recently responded to one of the Twitter users stating that she uploads such content to make money, and that the move was completely unintentional.

For those unaware, OnlyFans is a popular content subscription platform which allows content creators to create exclusive content for those who have subscribed to their content. The service is mainly popular for its erotic content. A number of users are comparing the ban to the recent one-week suspension of another Twitch streamer called Minx who was banned for use of hateful slurs or symbols. However, Minx had explained in a tweet that the Twitch’s Terms of Service against the use of those terms would be in effect starting January.

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