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June 23, 2021

Absolutely VILE Tweets Surface From New Disney Snow White Actress Rachel Zegler

TheQuartering [6/23/2021]

This lady has OPINIONS.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

The recently cast race-swapped Snow White actress Rachel Zegler is an anti-police activist who also claimed she’s to blame for “never ending racism.”

Zegler announced her anti-police activism back in August 2020 in response to a VICE News article about police charging Kyle Rittenhouse with murder.

Zegler responded on Twitter writing, “A 17-year-old murderer. A 17-year-old racist. A 17-year-old white supremacist.”

She then followed that up with a tweet calling for the abolishment of police.

Zegler wrote, “Kind reminder that this is the kind of person who aspired to be a cop! So! Abolish the police! Because oh my god!”

Not only did Zegler describe Rittenhouse as a “racist” and “white supremacist,” but she’s also referred to President Donald Trump as “white supremacist and racist” as well.

Back in May 2020, Zegler encouraged her followers to vote out Donald Trump sharing images of Twitter removing tweets from President Donald Trump.


When one Twitter user responded, “You’re right. If you’re american vote for Trump to promote FREE SPEECH,” Zegler responded writing, “Sit the hell down, racist.”

When the user defended himself, Zegler called President Donald Trump a “white supremacist and racist.”

The user responded to Zegler, “Oh YES i hate black people very much because I wouldn’t vote for the guy that said ‘If you don’t vote me you ain’t black’ and support free speech. Stfu. I have always advocated for equality and always will and if you think I hate black people you’re just wrong.”

Zegler responded, “Recognize that the person in office right now is a white supremacist and racist. And supporting him makes you the same. So sit— and I cannot stress this enough— the HELL down, racist.”

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