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August 26, 2021

All Hope Kathleen Kennedy Will Be Fired Is Lost… The End Of Star Wars Is Truly Here

TheQuartering [8/25/2021]

Will she be around for several more years?

According to BoundingIntoComics:

This rumor comes from scooper Mikey Sutton at Geekosity.

Sutton states, “Sources indicate there were never any discussions to fire Kathleen Kennedy despite rampant online speculation and rumors.”

Sutton even quoted one source who told him, “It’s not like Kathleen wrote or directed any of those films. In Disney’s minds, they brought in billions to their bank accounts.”

Another source told Sutton, “Kathleen Kennedy won’t be Lucasfilm president at this point only if she decides to retire. Disney strongly believes she will continue guiding Star Wars to greater heights.”

This sourced added, “She will have the power she’s always had.”

The rumor is not out of left field. Current Disney CEO Bob Chapek has lavished praise on Kathleen Kennedy for her leadership at Lucasfilm.

Back in March, Chapek appeared at a virtual conference hosted by Morgan Stanley where he was asked by Morgan Stanley’s Ben Swinburne, “What are you guys doing? What are you and Kevin and the team doing to make sure that Marvel continues to thrive particularly as you weave in Disney+ and the amount of content coming to us is going up, pretty dramatically?”

In response to a question about Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige, Chapek answered by praising Kennedy. He responded, “I would say the situation is the same for Marvel as it is Lucas. And it goes to speak to the talent of not only Kevin and his team, but Kathy Kennedy and her team over at Lucas.”

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