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April 1, 2021

Amazon BUSTED Using Creepy Twitter Bots For Jeff Bezos Damage Control!

TheQuartering [3/31/2021]

Fake bots on Twitter are weighing in on whether to unionize. Yikes.

According to Metro:

Amazon workers in the US are currently engaged in a vote on whether or not to form a union. In an attempt to dissuade them, it seems a vocal Amazon employee has taken to Twitter to explain how great it is to work there. Only, they’re not real. The account, with the handle @AmazonFCDarla, joined Twitter a few days ago and then started tweeting about how she didn’t like unions. ‘There’s no ability to opt out of dues,’ the account tweeted. It was quickly noticed by others, who branded it an automatic (bot) account that was created to argue against the unionisation process.

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