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November 21, 2020

Amazon Sending Cat Food Instead Of PlayStation 5 Consoles! New PS5 Stock For Black Friday?

Thequartering [11/21/2020]

It looks like a ton of Amazon customers are getting totally screwed over by Amazon but at least instead of a PlayStation 5 they will have a $5 coupon.

According to VG24/7:

A number of Amazon UK customers who pre-ordered a PS5 woke up to some unusual behavior.

With the PS5 launch in the UK, Europe and other territories this week, millions are finally getting their hands on all those pre-orders.

But not everyone actually received their new console. Over on Reddit, Twitter and forums online, a number of those who pre-ordered their PS5 from Amazon UK, found something else entirely in the box.

This seems to be more than a simple order fulfillment mistake, because the circumstances of each case are almost identical. Journalist Bex April May was the first to share her experience on Twitter.

May received an air fryer instead of a PS5, and it quickly became clear that her situation is not unique. A number of users have since replied to May’s tweet sharing a similar experience, and the Reddit thread above has more anecdotes.

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