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March 1, 2021

Amber Heard FIRED & Faces 3 Years In Jail??!?!? Huge Aquaman 2 News For Jason Momoa & Emilia Clarke

TheQuartering [3/1/2021]

Amber Heard could face 3 years in prison. Thank goodness!

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Aquaman star Amber Heard’s troubles seem to only be growing. The latest news indicates Heard can face up to three years in prison if she is found guilty of manipulating evidence against Johnny Depp during their divorce in order to get an upper hand against him in court.

This news comes as Depp and Heard are in the middle of a defamation lawsuit. Depp filed the lawsuit against Heard after she published an op-ed in The Washington Post claiming to be a “public figure representing domestic abuse” with the insinuation that Depp was the perpetrator.

In fact, Heard claimed Depp abused her during the divorce proceedings and provided photos of the alleged abuse in order to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order.

Those photos are now coming under question and if they prove to be doctored, Heard could face this jail time.

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