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February 23, 2021

Amber Heard FIRED?!?! New Clues From Zack Snyder & Emila Clark Point To Aquaman 2 REMOVAL

TheQuartering [2/23/2021]

Some VERY spicy news for the Aquaman 2 star, Zack Snyder, and Emilia Clark.

According to RojakDaily:

If there’s one thing people are associating ‘Aquaman 2’ with right now, it definitely isn’t how Jason Momoa looks or how it’s going to be directed by Malaysian-born James Wan.

Instead, fans in Johnny Depp’s camp wants Amber Heard to be axed from the movie.
Depp’s fans launched a petition, which has since reached over 1.5 million signatures, to have his former wife removed following the controversial court case.
So, did the petition actually work in the end?

Recently, local movie theatre operator TGV shared a piece of interesting news, quoting Forbes magazine “It now seems that Warner Bros. has also fired Amber Heard from the DC Extended Universe, #Aquaman2 to replace her with the Mother of Dragons”.
A quick internet search reveals that the original article dated 31 December 2020 is legit and has recently resurfaced.

However, according to Reddit users, the article contains highly unverified news.
We know a lot of fans want to see a ‘Game of Thrones’ reunion on the silver screen between Momoa and Clarke, but it looks like this rumour will remain as a rumour until the studio finally confirms the sequel’s line-up.

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