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June 22, 2022

Amber’s Team DOXXES YouTuber ThatUmbrellaGuy Over Videos!!

TheQuartering [6/22/2022]

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Unable to accept that practically no one found Amber Heard to be believable and seeking to blame anyone else but their idol for her own loss, fans of the supposedly-former-Aquaman 2 actress have launched a petition asking YouTube to take action against certain content creators – particularly ThatUmbrellaGuy – by demonetizing their channels.

Started on June 20th by Twitter user @LeaveHeardAlone, the petition claims that “YouTube content creators such as ThatUmbrellaGuy are making thousands of dollars off of videos which currently go against Youtube’s own policies concerning targeted harassment.”

Offering a screenshot of TUG’s channel feed as supporting evidence, the petitioner believes that said content violates the platform’s ban on “Content that features prolonged name calling or malicious insults (such as racial slurs) based on someone’s intrinsic attributes,” specifically as it retains to “their status as a survivor of sexual assault [or] domestic abuse”.

Citing NPR, the petition then goes on to invoke the image of Gamergate, asserting that it served to provide a “template [that] has been utilised both to radicalise viewers to certain political philosophies and to harass and malign individuals” which eventually allowed TUG to make “over 600 videos just about Amber Heard – a project that earned him approximately $80K in May of 2022 according to the Washington Post.”

Further, the petition further accuses TUG of being ” invested in continuing his mass-production of harassment videos revenue model, moving on from Amber Heard and instead targeting Evan Rachel Wood, who was a teenager when her abuse started.”

This mention of Wood refers to TUG’s coverage of her own claims of abuse against her former beau, shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

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