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June 22, 2021

Amouranth BLAMES Gamers For Her Twitch Ban & Calls Them “Creepy” While Calling Herself A Hero

TheQuartering [6/22/2021]

It’s everyone else’s fault!

According to ClutchPoints:

Controversial Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa shared her thoughts on her Twitch ban over her controversial ASMR streams. Amouranth, through a series of tweets, calls her banning ironic, likening criticisms towards her content towards criticisms towards violence in gaming. According to Amouranth, criticisms towards her uphold a double standard. “The generation that fought ‘violent video games don’t cause an uptick in gun/violent crimes (I agree),” Amouranth writes. “Instantly turn tail & succumb to a bad take like “HOT TUB/ASMR GIRLS LITERALLY CREATE CREEPERS that plague other girl creators!”

Amouranth received a Twitch ban last Saturday. As usual, Twitch wasn’t clear with what the reason is for the ban, aside from violating the Terms & Conditions of the platform. It’s also unclear until when Amouranth’s ban will stand.

Twitch banned Amouranth mere days after the streamer moved from Hot Tub streaming to ASMR streaming. However, her content was flagged by users thanks to the sexual nature of her content. The Hot Tub Meta and the ASMR Meta refers to how Twitch content creators skirt the limits of Twitch’s Terms and Conditions to get away with content that would otherwise have gotten them off the platform. Streamers and content creators exploit these loopholes in Twitch’s rules to grow their viewership and subscriber count by making borderline NSFW content.

Many people blame Twitch’s vague policies and weak policing in these emerging meta. Twitch will have to find a long-term solution if they really want to curb sexual content in their platform. Band-aid solutions will only give rise to the next Hot Tub and ASMR meta in the future.

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