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August 9, 2021

Angry Blizzard Dev Doxxes Critic, Overwatch 2 DELAYED Again & Fans HATE Diablo 4 Footage!

TheQuartering [8/9/2021]

Blizzard can’t catch a break.

According to Dot Esports:

One of Overwatch‘s more credible development news sources, streamer/leaker Metro, claims that Overwatch 2 is “mostly done.” But the reason the game’s release might be pushed back to 2023, according to his sources, is partly due to the development team not yet considering any reworks to current heroes.

On Aug. 7, Metro posted on Twitter that “multiple people” close to his Overwatch 2 source say that the development of the game is taking longer than expected and that “a release in 2022 does not seem likely anymore.” While a 2022 release hadn’t been confirmed yet, many Overwatch fans have been hoping and expecting a release during the next calendar year, especially after Blizzard began showing full gameplay in 2021.

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