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June 17, 2021

Angry Rant: Gaming Chairs

TheQuartering [6/16/2021]

Which is better? A gaming chair or an office chair?

According to Ergometrics:

Whether you identify yourself as a heavy gamer or the less enviable workaholic, spending long hours daily in your chair is probably a common occurrence. If you’re a gamer, the very first dilemma you’re confronted with when picking out an office chair is whether to go with a gaming or standard office chair, while if you’re not, the idea of owning a swanky gaming chair probably has crossed your mind.

In this post I’ll dissect all the major differences between a gaming chair and typical ergonomic office chair in terms of ergonomics to help you arrive at the best choice for comfort and your health. There is in fact a lot more than meets the eye, so keep reading to discover just which style is best for you before you make your next purchase.

There are no fast and hard rules when it comes to what constitutes a gaming chair. Like many things, the definition is constantly evolving as consumer tastes and expectations change. See the below comparison table on the key differences between gaming and regular office chairs today.

With all of these unique attributes, it’s easy to spot a gaming chair from a mile away. Contrast that to standard office chairs, which usually are a lot more muted in colors and style, with seats and backrests more utilitarian than anything else.

So here’s the million dollar question- As a heavy or even casual gamer, which type of chair should you get, a gaming or office chair? To help you decide, let’s examine each part of a typical gaming chair to see how it compares to a standard office chair in terms of what matters- ergonomics.

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