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April 3, 2023

AOC Is BUSTED With Secret Twitter Account Where She THREATENS Matt Walsh & Other TERRIBLE Stuff?

TheQuartering [4/3/2023]

According to HumanEvents:

New York’s Congresswoman AOC may have accidentally disclosed that she has a secondary account on Twitter, called Zaza Demon, with the handle @zazasmoka. Though this has not yet been verified, the revelations began when AOC posted to Twitter to essentially congratulate herself for publicly calling Libs of TikTok account holder Chaya Raichik “transphobic.”

The two met recently when Raichik tried to hand AOC an ethics complaint for having lied about her on the floor of Congress, and then attempted to take a photo with her.┬áIt was a moment before Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez realized who Raichik was and refused to take a photo with her, calling her “super transphobic.”

When the footage of the botched meet-up was shared online by a trans activist who herself has testified before congress, who remarked “AOC told Chaya Raichik aka libs of tiktok that she’s transphobic straight to her face when she ran into her.”

“You bet I did,” AOC said, quote tweeting the clip with pride. “NYC doesn’t play with bigots and transphobes and neither do I. Have a great day!”

In response, commentator Niko House said to AOC: “But you vote to send money to Nazis and to fund the Israeli apartheid. But hey, at least you stood up to a TikTok star.” House was likely referring to AOC’s voting in favor of US aid for Ukraine.

An account called Zaza Demon, @zazasmoka, commented back “Lol and what makes you think that i did anything to support nazis? You’re delusional. Seek help.”

Zaza Demon replied in the first person as though she were AOC, which revealed that @zazasmoka could very well be AOC’s burner account, which is the term for a second, anon account that high-profile people may use to navigate social media without detection.

Zaza Demon’s tweet was then deleted. House posted about the potential discovery that AOC had been accidentally logged in to her burner account when she replied as herself.

House was then blocked by that account, and the account was later deleted.

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