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February 23, 2022

Based Woman ROASTS Lying Reporter LIVE On TV! He’s Left SPEECHLESS After She Defends Truckers Convoy

TheQuartering [2/23/2022]

According to LouderWithCrowder:

Police moved in to end the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest over the weekend. Justin Trudeau declared martial law by tapping what’s known as Canada’s “Emergencies Act,” targeting Canadians who have a different opinion than him. The authorities marched in under his orders. MSNBC labeled the peaceful protest a “siege” when they interview Stooge McSyrup here from the CBC. The peaceful protesters in McSyrup’s vicinity made sure his reporting was accurate.

“You say everyone here is violent. No, it’s the cops.” We saw plenty of examples of that over the weekend.

“Tell the truth about Justin Trudeau, who’s his daddy, huh?” This refers to the conspiracy theory that Trudeau is the bastard son of Fidel Castro. There is no evidence of this accusation, at least no evidence that would pass the standards of “independent” “fact” checkers, many of whom are funded by Trudeau sympathizers. Though, if it were true, and I’m not saying it is, but IF it was true, daddy would be really proud of Lil’ Justin.

There were also a number of protesters yelling “freedom.” “Freedom” is the concept of being free to live your life supporting yourself and your family. It can take many forms. In this instance, “freedom” is being used to describe being free from unelected government bureaucrats looking to control a free people via restrictions and mandates. Then, after taking rights and freedoms away from the people, not giving them back. Corporate media is working feverishly to claim freedom is “racist.” When a new poll inevitably comes out saying people don’t trust corporate media, they won’t understand why.

Stooge McSyrup apologized to MSNBC because they weren’t seeing your usual “polite” Canadians. It is true that the protesters behind McSyrup weren’t being “nice.” However, when you have media lying about you and what you stand for, one can understand not wanting to be cordial to someone standing in front of a news camera and a microphone.

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