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July 15, 2021

Bizarre Anime “Hook Up” Party REVEALED To Be Not As Expected

TheQuartering [7/15/2021]

Anime sex parties.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

An Anime Matsuri staff member has adamantly refuted the recent rumor that former Japanese adult video actress Kaho Shibuya, first circulated in an email blast sent to Anime Matsuri attendees, that she planned to host an afterhours “anime sex party” as part of the convention’s programming.

Sent to attendees on July 7th from a Gmail account purportedly belonging to an individual named Fuke Yuri (though this is likely a ‘fake’ identity, given that the name itself appears to be a play on the phrase ‘f–k you’) and claiming to have been authored by Shibuya herself, the email blast in question announced that the former JAV star would be holding an “anime sex party at 1 am July 13th in Shibuya Crossing Stage for guests and artists where I will give out the best AV experiences for you guys in costumes.”

“In this party, me and [Anime Matsuri] babies will offer blowjobs, handjobs and titjobs with sexual conversations,” the email explained. “At the end of the party, the luckiest person will spend a night with me at Marriot Marquis Houston in July 14th with full service.”

“This will be decided through a raffle which is available for everyone to participate,” the post concluded. “Anyone [who] wants to join the raffle can send the email with name and booth position to [Anime Matsuri Projects & International Relations lead Jacob Takanashi].”

This bizarre message was brought to further widespread attention on social media when Takanashi himself shared a screenshot of the email to his personal Twitter account and stated that the entirety of its contents were “totally fake.”

“This is hilarious. If you get this email, (I think it goes without saying but) it’s totally fake,” wrote Takanashi. “It’s insane the lengths some groups go to. Lmao.”

Takanashi then further clarified that “Any communication from me about the convention to my guests will come from an ‘(at)’ email address. Not some random Gmail account. Obviously.”

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