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April 12, 2021

Black Conservative Actor DEMOLISHES Hollywood Narrative & Calls Out Jordan Peele & Seth Rogan!

TheQuartering [4/12/2021]

Siaka Massaquoi reveals Hollywood is not only racist, but discriminates against people on the right.

According to BoundingIntoComics:

Actor Siaka Massaquoi recently detailed that not only is Hollywood a racist industry, but that they actively discriminate against people who have political views on the right.

Massaquoi did an interview with PragerU, where he detailed his experience with Hollywood.

Massaquoi begins the interview talking about his family and his background growing up in Rochester, New York.

From there, he details that he took a class called Black Action Theater that really got him interested in acting. He explained, “When I got into this class and he had us writing scripts, and he had us handing out our scripts, and then other people perform it. And then you get a script at the moment, and I’m like, ‘Well, how quickly can I get into character?’ Like I just really found a passion for the process of it. ”

As the interview progresses, Massaquoi discusses the difficulty in breaking into Hollywood. He says, “I don’t think it was hard because I was black. It was hard because I didn’t play these certain characters; it didn’t fit like my energy.”

He then details that Hollywood is racist. He states, “Hollywood is probably the most racist place that I’ve ever experienced.”

“Early agents that I would have was, ‘Oh you ever think about being a bad guy? You should hip hop it up more,’” he explained.

He then stated, “What am I like slowly losing in my heart every time I go in for these parts, every time I cater to how they want me to be in this, what I find, very bigoted approach.”

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