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November 27, 2020

Black Friday PS5 & XBOX Series X DISASTER For Wal-Mart, Gamestop & Best Buy! Resellers Ruin The Day

TheQuartering [11/26/2020]

These online retailers like Wal-Mart, Gamestop & Bestbuy continue to let down PS5 and XBOX Series X Seekers down.

According to CBS:

As Black Friday beckons, the devices remain hard to find. But there could be some hope for holiday shoppers: Sony vowed in a tweet that more inventory would arrive at retailers before year-end.

Still, expect the consoles to remain a hot item. Demand was so high for the PlayStation 5, which went on sale on November 12, that it caused Walmart’s website to slow and show error messages to some shoppers. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X|S , which was released on November 20, was heralded by Microsoft as its “biggest launch in Xbox history.”

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