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September 21, 2022

Bombshell Claims Twitch’s Top Streamers Covered Up A Crime! Mizkif, CrazySlick, AdrianahLee, xQc!

TheQuartering [9/20/2022]

According to TheVerge:

The fallout regarding a Twitch streamer’s gambling scam has taken a dramatic and disturbing turn as one streamer involved has been accused of “covering up” a sexual assault.

Yesterday, news broke that ItsSliker scammed fellow streamers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to support a sports gambling addiction. That news, in turn, prompted several prominent streamers, including Pokimane, Asmongold, and HasanAbi, to call for the banning of slot gambling on Twitch despite the fact Sliker’s gambling wasn’t slots. One of the streamers calling for the Twitch gambling ban and a potential boycott of Twitch to further the issue was Mizkif, owner of OTKNetwork, a popular streaming network that counts content creators like Emiru and the aforementioned Asmongold as its members. Mizkif was on a call with HasanAbi as the two confronted Sliker for his scamming and gambling habits.

On September 19th, Asmongold tweeted asking why Sliker had not been banned from Twitch. (As of this writing, he is still active on Twitch and even posted a video yesterday saying he was seeking help for his addiction.) Trainwreckstv, a streamer who frequently features slot gambling and also said that he, too, was asked for money by Sliker, responded to Asmongold’s tweet, saying that Asmongold and Mizkif were using the gambling situation as some kind of personal vendetta against him.

In a now-deleted tweet, Mizkif responded that if scamming is the requirement for deplatforming someone, Trainwreck himself should be removed from Twitch for promoting a seemingly worthless cryptocurrency called Jolt Coin.

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