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January 15, 2021

Boot-licking YouTuber Uncle Roger DELETES Video To Protect CCP! Nigel Ng BACKLASH For Bending Knee

TheQuartering [1/15/2021]

Nigel Ng deletes his latest video because the guest had the audacity to make an off-handed joke about the glorious Chinese Government (who can do no wrong, by the way, because they are perfect).

According to TodayOnline:

Fuiyoh… Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, who is best known as his orange polo tee clad alter ego Uncle Roger, has come under fire from some netizens for deleting a video he shot with Mike Chen, an American food personality who has criticised the Chinese government on multiple occasions.

Mike is known for being very critical of the Chinese government, and has voiced out against their human rights violations in Hongkong and for their treatment of the the Uighur Muslim minority in China. He has also called for his followers to sign petitions to “end the CCP”, and has included hashtags such as #CCP_is_terrorist on his Twitter account.

Recently, Nigel shot a video with Mike, in which they reviewed another content producer making what they called the “ugliest dumpling ever”. The video made no mention of politics.

However, Nigel decided to delete the video before posting an apology on Weibo on January 12.

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