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April 16, 2021

Breaking! Bodycam Footage PROVES Amber Heard Lied! This Is Massive!

TheQuartering [4/16/2021]

Well, it looks like one of the biggest lies Amber Heard has told just got debunked by new bodycam footage that released.

According to RadioOnline:

Johnny Depp says never-before-seen bodycam footage and brand-new police testimony “proves” the explosive fight that his ex-wife Amber Heard claims ended their short-lived marriage didn’t happen.

The 34-year-old actress has provided evidence in several legal cases claiming Depp threw a phone at her face during a blowout fight in 2016, trashing their penthouse apartment. But Depp’s legal team is now stating that the damage Heard alleged happened inside their home — including red wine spilled all over the walls and rug — contradicts what the four LAPD police officers who responded to the apartment remember.

According to reports, the two cops who first responded on the scene gave new depositions within the last month claiming they didn’t see any evidence of a crime at all. 

Daily Mail obtained the brand-new bodycam footage, worn by the second set of LAPD officers when they entered the then-married couple’s penthouse that night, and it appears not to show the apartment in disarray at all. 

The never-before-seen video shows the officers walking through Depp and Heard’s home and they don’t appear to spot anything that would raise their eyebrows.

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