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April 15, 2021

Brie Larson QUITS Captain Marvel 2 For Role In Star Wars?!?

TheQuartering [4/15/2021]

A new rumor has claimed that Brie Larson plans on quitting Captain Marvel 2 to pursue a role in the Star Wars universe. This seems insane.

According to StanFord:

Well, Brie Larson has been known for her arrogant behavior off-screen. Due to this, she has not been liked by the fans much. In fact, she indeed claimed that Carol Danvers is the most grounded and most powerful Avenger within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which I feel she took as well distant.

Given her negative image among the general public, it has been speculated that she might be replaced in Captain Marvel 2. But Elizabeth Olsen is not the person she will be replaced with, that is affirmed.

Doomcock revealed that MCU might remove the Oscar-Winning Actress Brie Larson. The actresses that might replace Brie are Katee Sackhoff, Gina Carano, and an unknown lady of color (Teyonah Parris is playing Monica Rambeau in WandaVision who within the comics has gone by the Captain Marvel title).

Doomcock also made some strong statements on Brie’s role as Captain Marvel. They said, “Let Brie shoot Captain Marvel 2 and at the conclusion of that film, Captain Marvel penances herself to spare everybody. Brie goes on a trip with a time travel gadget and basically gets misplaced never to return.”

Doomcock’s source considers Brie Larson out as Captain Wonder features a great chance of happening. But once more all this not official, however. Too, it’s once more famous than Kevin Feige still needs Captain Marvel to be a portion of the MCU as it’s claimed Feige is building to an all-female Avengers.

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