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June 9, 2022

Brutal Amber Heard Update! Test Screenings TANK For Aquaman 2 As Fans Still Reject Her!

TheQuartering [6/9/2022]

According to HighOnCinema:

A source who watched the screening said the recent cut of the film has more screen-time for Amber Heard than the one test-screened back in April. The reported screen-time of Amber Heard is 20-25 min, while the previous screening had only 10 minutes of the actress appearance in total. According to the sources, Heard’s appearance is a resounding no for the audience and one of the main negatives of the film. We previously reported her screen-time was reduced due to Johnny Depp defamation case, but it doesn’t seem to be the case after this screening.

Sources also state the present version of the film is not well received by test audience compared to the screening held in April, which also had less screen-time for Heard. Majority of the audience were reportedly disappointed with the film, and the studio’s questionnaire which weighs average feedback/reception deemed it as ‘Mediocre’. The runtime of the current version is around 2 hour 15 minutes.

The film reportedly has Aquaman and Patrick Wilson, who plays Orm Marius/Ocean Master, the half-brother of Aquaman in the first film going on an adventure together and apparently there were many comedic moments between the two, which seem to be a hit with the audience. It’s also a nice twist on the Orm character after appearing as the main antagonist in the first part of Aquaman for majority of runtime.

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