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September 30, 2023

Brutal News For Influencer Who Streamed Looting! They Just THREW THE BOOK At Her & Family Disavows

TheQuartering [9/28/2023]

According to DailyMail:

Philadelphia influencer ‘Meatball’ who posted bail Thursday morning after being arrested for looting while live-streaming has asked her followers for cash. 

The looter, whose legal name is Dayjia Blackwell, posted on her Instagram story and went live after being released. 

According to the New York Post, she told her 196,000 followers that: ‘All I want to do is go treat myself’ and plugged her Cash App handle for her followers. 

Blackwell also posted on her Instagram asking users to ‘go bless her’ and said frequently that she wanted to get her ‘toes done’, the outlet reported.

The influencer’s bail was set at $25,000 according to court documents.

One other post on her Instagram also said: ‘If you don’t got 150$ for promo bye, I need a lawyer at the end of the day.’

Blackwell has also been urging people to buy clothing and hats from her brand, and even hinted she may print merchandise with her mugshot on it.

In a separate post, she sad: ‘Thanks I love everybody. I will never get locked up again, what was that I was in omg. That scared me. 

‘I’ve never been through nothing like that ever in my life, I don’t even know what happened. I need some sleep, I’m scared, I’m traumatized, never again in my live, like seriously,’ said Blackwell. 

Blackwell faces charges for burglary, conspiracy, criminal trespassing, rioting, criminal mischief, criminal use of communication facility, receipt of stolen property and disorderly conduct.

On Tuesday, the 21-year-old social media personality told her 181,000 Instagram followers to join her as she ran through the street and drove to several locations hit by thieves.

‘Tell the police if they lock me up tonight it’s going to be lit, it’s going to be a movie! Everybody’s gotta eat!’ she said on camera.

She filmed looters at an Apple store, Lululemon and Footlocker, before moving on to a liquor store where she bragged about grabbing a bottle of Hennessy.

Eventually, police found Meatball in her friend’s car and arrested her a little after midnight.

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