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September 26, 2023

Bud Light BUSTED Secretly DOUBLING DOWN On Woke Sponsoring Events Kids!

TheQuartering [9/25/2023]

According to WashingtonExaminer:

It’s known that Bud Light is trying to rehab its image after the beer brand made the inexplicable decision to feature transgender social media “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney in a marketing campaign earlier this year. It bombed spectacularly, and the company faced an intense backlash that still affects the corporation. Realizing their mistake, the company pivoted and returned to advertisements that aren’t shoving radical left-wing cultural issues down people’s throats.

An example of the company’s attempted return to normalcy could be witnessed during any NFL game this weekend (or since the season began three weeks ago). Instead of a man pretending to be a woman, the commercials focused on good old-fashioned football fun, showing the typical commercials Bud Light used to feature in its heyday — and before it was infiltrated by “woke” corporate executives.

Too little, too late.

No one should buy what Anheuser-Busch is now selling. Its decision to feature Mulvaney was asinine and millions of consumers around the nation let them know. However, just because Bud Light realized its attempt to put principle before profits was a horrific decision with devastating consequences, it doesn’t mean consumers should forgive them and let bygones be bygones.

Bud Light, and other corporations, have tried to push the envelope on these cultural issues for years. Many still do. If consumers start returning to buying its brand just because they make commercials featuring fans enjoying football games, it’s only a matter of time before they sneak in the next Dylan Mulvaney.

Furthermore, doing so will establish the precedent that companies weren’t wrong to promote transgender people. Instead, it will send the message they just need patience and to wait until the outrage dissipates and the public forgets. That’s the exact strategy Target used after announcing its transgender bathroom policy in 2016. A few months later, especially during the holiday shopping season, people forgot, and the company rebounded, only to do the same kind of thing years later with Pride month attire.

Remember, Bud Light (or Anheuser Busch) didn’t realize the error of its ways because the company disagreed with the transgender Mulvaney. It only did so because Bud Light was losing money. Consumers should make sure they don’t forget that fact.

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