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August 2, 2023

Bud Light Disaster Starts HILARIOUS Trend Of Employers BANNING Woke Employees In New Job Listings!

TheQuartering [8/2/2023]

According to TheNYPost:

A small IT business in rural Western Australia has gained a lot of attention in recent days after posting a job advertisement with a very unusual requirement.

Wallis Computer Solutions, a small IT support business in Dalwallinu, Australia recently posted an ad searching for a “non-woke” MSP L2+ Technician to join the team.

“We are looking for an MSP technician who is now looking for a position in a company who is not woke and values diversity of thought,” the advertisement read.

The term “woke” has become popularized in recent years and usually refers to being socially aware, particularly around political and social justice issues.

There are those who also use it in a negative sense to describe ideologies – often progressive, left leaning values – that they don’t agree with.

Under the “core position details” part of the job description, potential applicants were informed there would be “no requirements for pronouns.”

“We know what a woman is,” the ad read.

Anyone willing to take this job would also “never be forced to get any medical treatment.”

This part of the job description is expanded on further down the page, with Wallis Computer Solutions ensuring applicants will never be required to disclose their medical vaccination history in order to gain employment.

“You are not required to have COVID vaccine or any other vaccine to work,” the ad said.

With a salary range of $65,000 to $90,000 [$42,000- $58,000 USD] a year plus pension and bonuses, the “right applicant” would be able to work completely from home.

However, if a person was willing to move to Dalwallinu, Australia a town with a population of slightly more than 1300, then it would “definitely help in your negotiations.”

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