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June 8, 2021

Burger King Gets WOKE & It Backfires Of Course… Mocks Chick-fil-A & Christians

TheQuartering [6/8/2021]

Burger King keeps making some odd choices.

According to NRN:

In a new video released by Burger King, female guests are charged $3.09 for a box of the company’s chicken fries while male guests are charged $1.69. Chick Fries are identical to the restaurant’s traditional chicken fries, other than the pink box the Chick fries come in.

The stunt was the company’s attempt to call attention to the “Pink Tax,” or when the “female” version of products costs more than the “male” version.

“Burger King restaurants welcome everyone, and we see Pink Tax as extremely unfair,” said Christopher Finazzo, president of North America for the Burger King brand.

“We created this experiment with fan-favorite Chicken Fries to demonstrate the effect of Pink Tax and how everyone should pay the same for the same products — whether it’s pink or not.”

So how does Burger King and parent company Restaurants Brands International Inc. measure up when it comes to paying women fairly? Representatives from the brand declined to answer.

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