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June 17, 2023

Call Of Duty Just BANNED NickMercs AGAIN! Boycott Leads To REMOVAL Of Nickmercs From CODLeague Promo

TheQuartering [6/16/2023]

According to GGRecon:

It looks like Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff’s relationship with Call of Duty is well and truly dead in the water. His venture into Apex Legends amid a stifled Warzone experience started straining his love affair with the community, having once been a Search and Destroy legend.

But following the removal of his Operator amid anti-LGBTQ+ comments made on Twitter, it now seems like Activision is severing all ties with NICKMERCS, as he’s been dropped from another Call of Duty deal.

With the Call of Duty League World Championships kicking off today (June 15), NICKMERCS was originally supposed to be among a string of influencers who were being paid to co-stream the event. It was supposed to bring their communities over to watch the pinnacle CoD esports event.

The streamer previously revealed on-stream that he is being paid by Activision to co-stream the event, rooting for Atlanta FaZe along the way.

However, after his anti-LGBTQ+ comments on Twitter – which have sparked Call of Duty boycotts in support of him – NICKMERCS has now been dropped from this roster. The official list of co-streamers has been revealed without his name.

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