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December 10, 2020

Call Of Duty: Warzone BANS 6 Year Old Prodigy Streamer RowdyRogan & The Internet Is NOT Happy

TheQuartering [12/10/20]

I understand that the kid is 6 years old and shouldn’t likely be playing Call of Duty, but let’s not pretend that Activision doesn’t know there are thousands more just like him that they happily take their money.

According to Forbes:

The internet is not terribly happy with Activision after a six year-old FPS prodigy, RowdyRogan, was banned live on stream from Call of Duty Warzone, apparently permanently.

Rogan streams with his father, and the moment was captured below. Content warning, if you don’t want to see a six year-old’s heart break in real time.

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